SIP Installation

Order SIP installation from us

One of the key benefits of using SIP panels is the savings on the labor- and material costs. To save even more we recommend hiring our crew to install your panels for you.

SIP installation performed by our crew saves you money. In construction, almost every site incurs empty costs, both at the expense of labor and materials. There are two options to avoid them. One of them is to hire a top-level construction manager who can plan the work so that there is no situation where otherwise good workers have to sit on their hands (the client has to pay for that) because it is simply not possible to move on because someone else has to finish their work.

Another option is to use modern solutions, where all these different stages of work (installation of the truss, insulation, installation of the windbreak, etc.) have already been done in the factory and only the installation effort remains on site. It is especially good when this work is done by our team, for whom no situation is unfamiliar. Our team works quickly and there is no downtime that the customer would otherwise have to pay for. Similarly, trained installers can handle materials so that there is no surplus.

You will already save money by using SIP panels, but with trained workforce you could save even more.
Smaller labor cost

Our SIP panel installers do their job quickly and efficiently, which means lower labor costs for the customer, as they do not have to pay for the hours when the manual is read and the order in which it would be most logical to install the panels is figured out.

Higher quality

Our installers know all the nuances of installing SIP-Panels and do not make inexperienced mistakes, which are very expensive to eliminate later.

Accurate material calculation and less construction waste

We calculate the exact amount of material according to the existing project or sketch. In this way, no construction waste is generated, the disposal of which is an additional cost that is always paid for by the customer.

Completed by the agreed deadline

Our Sip panel installers, you can be sure that what is promised is ready on time and you can plan and coordinate the next stages of construction much more worry-free.

Order SIP panel installation from our crew!

Our team will help you calculate exactly how many different panels are needed according to the project and we will come and install them on your construction site. This way you can be sure that the result is economical and of high quality.


SIP panels speed up the construction

RSMeans-i (North-American construction cost database) says that SIP panels make construction progress up to 55% faster than other construction methods. 

Sip panels will save you money

You can save on materials, labour cost and other services (heating, etc). For instance, compared to other materials using sips saves roughly 13 000€ on a 185m2 house. 

SIP panels are eco-friendly

SIP buildings have an enormous positive impact on the environment, reducing energy usage and greenhouse gases. SIP solutions can save up to more than 45% CO2 than other wooden constructions. 

SIP panels are strong

The load-bearing capacities of SIP panels can be compared to steel I-beam. Also, SIPs are tested and approved in regions where demands for the durability of constructions are one of the highest in the world. 

SIP Panels ensure a good air quality

Houses, built out of SIP panels are airtight and need mechanical control airflow (ie. ventilation systems). This means that airflow control is entirely in your hands' which helps to optimize the costs. 


Sip panels are fit for even toughest demands

SIP panels meet even the toughest construction conditions and can be used to build buildings for all purposes.