Sip panels

SIP panels make construction progress faster, more cost-effective and eco-friendly than using regular construction materials. At the same time, the result is much stronger and insulation levels are higher.

Sample solutions


SIP strong

  • Dimensions: 1250x2500 mm
  • Thickness: 236 mm (18/200/18)

SIP plus

  • Dimensions: 1250x2500 mm
  • Thickness: 174 mm (12/150/12)


  • Dimensions: 1250x2500 mm
  • Thickness: 124 mm (12/100/12)

WHat are sip panels ?

SIP panel (structural insulated panel) is an insulated construction panel that enables construction progress to be fast and modular.

Structural insulated panels or SIPs are made of two layers of OSB-boards with EPS Graphite insulation between them. SIP-s are multifunctional and serve the purpose of many different construction layers starting from load-bearing constructions to outer layers of wind-breaking functions. SIP panels are used for inner- and outer walls, floors, and roofs.

WHY are sip panels beloved by so many?

It is a solution made to save resources and be eco-friendly.

SIP panels are multifunctional and serve the purpose of many different construction layers. Hence the need for a large variety of different materials is obsolete and you will save on workforce fees and time.

The installation of SIPs is super easy and fast. Also, you don’t have to order any reserve panels, just in case some of them break – they simply don’t, and that means savings when disposing of the construction materials.

SIP panels are a big step forward towards a world where even the most complex goals are met with effective and eco-friendly solutions. 
Better insulation

EPS Graphite is far more effective than regular insulation solutions. 

SIP-s are strong

Panels form a strong monolith, which is up to six times stronger than regular wooden constructions. 

optimized construction costs

The installation of SIP panels is effective, saving you time and labor fees. 


While building with SIP panels there is a minimal amount of construction waste and leftovers. 

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    What are Sip Panels made of?

    2C PUR

    2C PUR is a strong and safe adhesive solution, loved by manufacturers all over the world. 

    EPS Graphite

    EPS Graphite is modern insulation foam solution, which is more effective than regular insulation solutions. 

    OSB 3

    OSB 3 is a widely used carcass material due to its very good moisture resistance.

    Do you need help with calculating the precise volume and with installation?

    Our team helps you calculate the SIP panels’ precise volume and install ordered panels as necessary. This helps you to save time and money.


    SIP-s speed up the construction

    RSMeans-i (North-American construction cost database) says that SIP panels make construction progress up to 55% faster than other construction methods. 

    Sip-s will save you money

    You can save on materials, labour cost and other services (heating, etc). For instance, compared to other materials using sips saves roughly 13 000€ on a 185m2 house. 

    SIP-s are eco-friendly

    SIP buildings have an enormous positive impact on the environment, reducing energy usage and greenhouse gases. SIP solutions can save up to more than 45% CO2 than other wooden constructions. 

    SIP-s are strong

    The load-bearing capacities of SIP panels can be compared to steel I-beam. Also, SIPs are tested and approved in regions where demands for the durability of constructions are one of the highest in the world. 

    SIP Panels ensure a good air quality

    Houses, built out of SIP panels are airtight and need mechanical control airflow (ie. ventilation systems). This means that airflow control is entirely in your hands' which helps to optimize the costs. 


    Sip panels are fit for even toughest demands

    SIP panels meet even the toughest construction conditions and can be used to build buildings for all purposes.