Sipnordic’s sauna is a tiny house made of SIP panels with Scandinavian influence, designed for year-round use.

Our sample houses are manufactured in a controlled factory environment and are delivered and installed at your desired location.

All SIPNORDIC ready-made solutions can be adjusted and modified according to your preferences. Contact us, and together we’ll find the perfect solution for you.

Stages of Completion and Prices

  • Floor: C24 wood frame with plank covering.
  • Walls: SIP Basic (insulation 100 mm).
  • Roof: SIP Basic (insulation 100 mm), covered with SBS/metal/shingles/slate/tiles.
  • Facade: Wooden planks and glass.
  • Heating: Wood-burning stove or electric heater.
  • Interior: Alder or birch.

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Our ready-made solutions consist entirely of buildings constructed with our SIP panels, or they are conceptual solutions. For each of these, we have the necessary projects and documentation ready, so you can quickly start building if you wish.

This solution has been developed in collaboration with designers, architects, and engineers. The aim is to showcase to our clients and other interested parties the various possibilities of using SIP panels, and to inspire you to create your own unique solution. There are no limits when building with SIP panels.

This solution can be modified according to your preferences, or you can come up with your own entirely unique ideas.

Contact us and share your ideas with us in more detail. Together, we will undoubtedly arrive at exciting and optimal solutions.

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